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Contact Me
kick the email! yungfuck you email harvesters!wake0fuck you email harvesters!@gmailfuck you email harvesters!.com
Update Log
Update Log
  • 01/11/24: Added a shameless self-plug "ad" at the top of the homepage, as well as some minor cosmetic changes.

  • 12/24/23: Revamped the homepage, and swapped the chatbox for a guestbook page.

  • 09/20/23: Added the Acing The Internet webring. An actual major update is on the way

  • 09/09/23: Revamped the music page

  • 08/30/23: Added an imood, and made some minor changes not worth mentioning

  • 08/24/23: Sitemap is live. New posts for the blog and music page

  • 08/06/23: Splash page is down for refactoring

  • 07/30/23: New shrine is live! Also the first review on the music page has dropped, and I finally made a

  • 07/19/23: Overhauled the Blog page

  • 07/11/23: Music page is live. Created button.js.

  • 06/27/23: Added a proper navbar to the homepage, finished the shrine index along with adding a new shrine, and officially added the likes section of the About Me page.

  • 06/21/23: Blog post, joined the self insert webring

  • 06/14/23: Worked more on the About Me page

  • 06/13/23: Worked on the About Me page, tied up some loose ends in terms of responsiveness, and changed the homepage a tiny bit.

  • 06/04/23: Art page, and a shrine, are now live. Added something really useful to the homepage 🤪

  • 06/02/23: Added a landing page. Also made the Contact Me section on this page more interesting, and added a new blog post.

  • 05/25/23: New graphics page is live

  • 05/21/23: Blog is now live. CSS corrections on homepage. Custom 404 page added.

  • 05/20/23: Expanded the homepage. Asdded sections for webrings, contact me, and a poll; added a better background; did a little bit of fun stuff; and also rearranged a bit.

    The links in the credits section have been integrated into the links page, along with adding some new links.

  • 05/17/23: Layout change on about me page

  • 05/09/23: Small updates on homepage, including adding a favicon, some more stamps, and minor error fixes

  • 05/09/23: Links page is live. Fun additions to homepage.

  • 03/25/23: About Me page is live, as well as trivial changes to the homepage

  • 03/23/23: Homepage is live. Also added a chatbox
Not A Real Advertisement
My Music
My Music

I'm finally releasing some new original music! It's just on SoundCloud for now, but do expect to see it on streaming once I've dropped a few more and/or if these do really good.

Status The current mood of yungwake0 at

If you're reading this, congratuations on discovering the best website on the Internet! I go by many names, the most recent being Yung Wake. I'm a musician, developer, occasionally a digital artist, and a web revival/old tech enthusiast.

The beautiful thing about a personal website is that you can put literally whatever you want on it. This one isn't too off-the-wall compared to other ones; here you'll find info about me and my interests, some of my content/projects, and of course all the miscellanous ramblings that I don't know what else to do with.

Check out the navbar to start exploring!

Generic Neocities "Social Media Bad" Manifesto
Why I have a website
  • "None of the social media websites really did it for me when it comes to customization. lots of ideas that I simply can't get across properly with just words and a changeable banner."
  • ~Me, 2023

Since I was a kid, the Internet, and the act of creating things on it, have been sort of a hyperfixation of mine, for better or for worse. Being a 2003 baby I experienced a healthy mix between the modern Internet and the cool old web stuff. I liked the old web better, the creativity and individuality of it all was nothing short of magical in my young mind.

Of course, as I got older, everything shifted to toxic mainstream "social media" websites, which seem to get worse the longer they exist. Eventually I discovered Neocities, and the Web 1.0 revival in general, which if you're on this website is probably something you've at least heard of. If you ask me this kind of stuff is exactly what the Internet was made for; it brings me back to my youth, and the good old days when the Internet was actually fun.

Basically, this site is one of the only places where I can comfortably and truly express myself without being dragged into some negative bullshit like what social media seems to be built upon.

It also helps me to refine/practice my development skills, so that's a major bonus.

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Neocities doesn't like hotlinking, so I would prefer if you saved my button to your website locally and changed the "src=" attribute to your new path.