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Update Log
Update Log
  • 05/28/24: Changes to the homepage, including the addition of the Mini Zine.

  • 05/07/24: Had to swap the guestbook because 123guestbook is shutting down. Someone sign it this time

  • 04/28/24: New Links page is finally up and running!

  • 04/26/24: About Me page completely redone. The Music page has been unlisted for refactoring.

  • 01/11/24: Added a shameless self-plug "ad" at the top of the homepage, as well as some minor cosmetic changes.

  • 12/24/23: Revamped the homepage, and swapped the chatbox for a guestbook page.

  • 09/20/23: Added the Acing The Internet webring. An actual major update is on the way

  • 09/09/23: Revamped the music page

  • 08/30/23: Added an imood, and made some minor changes not worth mentioning

  • 08/24/23: Sitemap is live. New posts for the blog and music page

  • 08/06/23: Splash page is down for refactoring

  • 07/30/23: New shrine is live! Also the first review on the music page has dropped, and I finally made a

  • 07/19/23: Overhauled the Blog page

  • 07/11/23: Music page is live. Created button.js.

  • 06/27/23: Added a proper navbar to the homepage, finished the shrine index along with adding a new shrine, and officially added the likes section of the About Me page.

  • 06/21/23: Blog post, joined the self insert webring

  • 06/14/23: Worked more on the About Me page

  • 06/13/23: Worked on the About Me page, tied up some loose ends in terms of responsiveness, and changed the homepage a tiny bit.

  • 06/04/23: Art page, and a shrine, are now live. Added something really useful to the homepage ðŸĪŠ

  • 06/02/23: Added a landing page. Also made the Contact Me section on this page more interesting, and added a new blog post.

  • 05/25/23: New graphics page is live

  • 05/21/23: Blog is now live. CSS corrections on homepage. Custom 404 page added.

  • 05/20/23: Expanded the homepage. Asdded sections for webrings, contact me, and a poll; added a better background; did a little bit of fun stuff; and also rearranged a bit.

    The links in the credits section have been integrated into the links page, along with adding some new links.

  • 05/17/23: Layout change on about me page

  • 05/09/23: Small updates on homepage, including adding a favicon, some more stamps, and minor error fixes

  • 05/09/23: Links page is live. Fun additions to homepage.

  • 03/25/23: About Me page is live, as well as trivial changes to the homepage

  • 03/23/23: Homepage is live. Also added a chatbox
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Mini Zine

Article 1


I did some rearranging of my homepage again, and that left me with this big empty space in the middle of the screen that I don't know what to do with. I spent at least a week racking my brain, trying to come up with something to put here, and I guess this mini "zine" (not sure what else to call it, and I ain't tryna overthink) is the best I can come up with.

Now I can hear you already,

"You don't even update your blog. How do you expect this to be any better?"

The answer is simple: this is not a blog 🙂

In my mind, blog posts are generally more fleshed out; they take longer to write and can be a project in and of themselves. I also happen to suck at blogging, hence the lack of activity over there. This just acts like a longer-form, which is something I use a lot.

Hopefully I'll be updating this a lot as time goes on, and it'll get a lot more interesting. But until then, I guess this is


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The right answer is Tabasco 👍
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